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An innovative reading system for critical reading, designed to increase your MCAT verbal score - complete with four full-length MCAT verbal practice exams

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VERBAL VIRTUOSO (3rd Edition) is an innovative step-by-step program that teaches MCAT test-takers to use a simple yet powerful system to analyze MCAT verbal passages and correctly answer their accompanying questions.  This system is specifically designed for the notorious verbal section of the MCAT, which has consistently posed difficulty for MCAT test-takers. 

The verbal section requires MCAT test-takers to read complex essays in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and subsequently answer questions that test the reader’s ability to discern the author’s primary arguments.  These passages and questions must be completed quickly, as time is a critical factor when dealing with the verbal section of the MCAT.  And the window for error is minimal, as the test-taker must answer just about every question correctly to achieve a high verbal score.  Answering the majority of the questions correctly in such time limitations has consistently decreased the total MCAT score of test-takers, especially when these students do not properly prepare for the verbal section during the months prior to their official MCAT administration.   

So while the MCAT verbal section should not be neglected, it should also not be feared.  In this workbook, we'll teach you an effective technique to complete the MCAT verbal section.  Known as Verbal Virtuoso, this technique has already helped a significant number of students achieve stronger MCAT verbal scores, as it has been taught through a premier MCAT preparatory program known as the Kabir Academy ( 


 And given our experiences with our own MCAT students who've mastered our technique, virtually any motivated and dedicated student who learns and practices our strategy persistently can improve their reading abilities.  We believe that this technique will increase the score of any student with ample practice, regardless of that student’s background in reading comprehension - both weak readers as well as strong readers have benefited from the Verbal Virtuoso technique, even students who learned English as a second language. 

And so you can sufficiently practice the Verbal Virtuoso technique, we've included four full-length MCAT verbal practice exams within the Verbal Virtuoso workbook, complete with solutions and explanations.  To guide you throughout your learning process, we've also incorporated four tutorials, in which we show you exactly how to think as you complete four different passages and answer their accompanying questions using the Verbal Virtuoso strategy.  Lastly, in case you're having trouble at any learning stage, we've included a number of troubleshoot guides (beginner, intermediate, and expert) that will help you work out your weaknesses and achieve your full potential on the MCAT verbal section.









Before I began employing the Verbal Virtuoso technique, my MCAT practice scores were not approaching the level I needed. They were consistently held below 30 and verbal was the reason every time. I simply could not get my verbal sub-score into double digits. Then I was trained in the Verbal Virtuoso technique and my very next practice test score was a 10 and reached 11 on subsequent practice tests. Verbal Virtuoso gave me confidence in my verbal capabilities, allowing me to score a 10 on the actual MCAT for a composite score of 33. When my friends, who took the other MCAT prep-courses, described to me the verbal techniques they were using, I knew that Verbal Virtuoso was one-of-a-kind. This technique is unique to all other MCAT preparatory material. And the best part is that it is THE MOST SIMPLE TECHNIQUE ON THE MARKET! There are no time-wasting exercises, like writing summaries of the passage paragraphs and highlighting, that you find with other preparation material. Verbal Virtuoso simply teaches you how to efficiently and effectively read a verbal passage and ascertain all the relevant information to answer the questions. You will find no better strategy






Before learning the Verbal Virtuoso technique I could never finish my MCAT Verbal on time.  I was consistently scoring 6's because time ran out before I finished reading my passages.  After learning this technique I finished with 15 minutes to spare and was scoring a 12 or 13 every time I took a practice test.  I knew exactly what to look for in the passages and how to interpret the way the passage was written in order to effectively answer the questions without having to refer back to the reading every time.    It's easy to learn and once you practice it a few times it's guaranteed that you will drastically improve your scores on the Verbal section of the MCAT.  There is not a single technique you can learn that will give you the same amazing results the Verbal Virtuoso technique provides.  I'm so glad I didn't waste my time trying other techniques because this is one that really works, every single time.  












To see more testimonials from other students who have learned and used the Verbal Virtuoso technique for the MCAT, scroll to the bottom of this page or CLICK HERE




Before learning the Verbal Virtuoso technique, I had scored a 6 on my verbal section on AAMC’s practice test 3. After learning the strategy, my highest score on an AAMC practice test in verbal was an 11. Prior to learning this method, I was having a very difficult time with the time constraints, as well as actively thinking about what I was reading by understanding the passages from the author’s point of view. The Verbal Virtuoso technique is the absolute best way to approach these passages given the time constraints. The technique forces you to actively engage in the reading, and truly think about the author’s reasoning and opinion within each passage. By approaching each passage with this technique, you practice a method which will help you take a lot of the ambiguity out of the questions. The Verbal Virtuoso technique gave me a different way to approach each passage, and I am very glad I was able to learn it from Fayaz. I think it is clearly the best way to approach MCAT passages. However, no method is simply magic; it takes incredible devotion to practice an adequate amount, and to stay positive through the many challenges the different passages will present.








So why does the Verbal Virtuoso strategy work so well for the MCAT? 


The MCAT’s verbal section is much different than most other standardized test’s verbal section.  We devised our technique specifically for this difficult reading exam. 


The writers of the official MCAT verbal section (AAMC) openly declare the significance of understanding argument on their website (


"If you have difficulty reading the passages, you may need to learn about argument as a form of written discourse. Knowing the purpose, content, and structure of argument can help you process the texts for answering the questions."      


The Verbal Virtuoso technique provides you with an easy and efficient system to analyze every one of the author's arguments presented in any verbal passage.  By asking yourself two very important questions upon reading each statement in the passage, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of the author's argument, as these simple questions force you to analyze the author's purpose in writing each MCAT verbal passage - to either make a significant argument or to support an argument.  With this clear insight into how the author presents his or her argument to the reader, answering the questions correctly will be an easier and clear-cut task. 


Furthermore, we provide you with a systematic thinking technique that ensures you read each statement and THINK about the statement’s meaning and purpose within the passage.  We understand it's hard to read through the dense and extremely boring verbal passages, so we don't teach our students to read for enjoyment.  Rather, we teach you to analyze every statement, searching for any sign of argument, and this investigation of the passage will naturally help you answer the most time-consuming and thought-provoking questions presented on any MCAT verbal passage (i.e. "Which of the following would most weaken the author's views presented in the passage?" or "Which of the following would the author most likely criticize?").    


Finally, we'll show you how to effectively handle the toughest questions presented on the MCAT verbal, those questions that have two seemingly good answers.  Deciding which answer choice is the BEST answer mentally tortures test-takers over time, and these test-takers often guess the wrong answer.  Only luck can help these test-takers choose correctly, unless they become a master at reading the verbal passage using our strategy.  We'll teach you a method that will help you hypothesize your own answer upon reading each question.  If your prediction resembles one of the given answer choices, then you'll have found the BEST answer, without the hassle of evaluating the other seemingly correct answer.  Try it and see!   




So what makes our strategy more effective than the verbal strategies taught by other MCAT preparatory companies?   


  We don’t ask you to write down any summary statements, which some MCAT preparatory companies recommend.  The act of writing anything down will waste crucial time and leave the test-taker with an unfinished verbal section as time runs out.  Instead, we just ask you to constantly THINK as you apply our effective technique, which ultimately maximizes your time.    


And we do not require you to complete a behemoth of a workbook nor classroom course in order to improve your MCAT verbal score.  We understand that time is precious when studying for the various science sections of the MCAT, and our technique can be learned in a matter of days.  There's no need to complete a 300+ page verbal strategy workbook offered by other companies, full of tedious exercises not specific to the MCAT verbal section.  Rather, we offer a 178 page workbook, including four full-length MCAT verbal practice exams designed to emulate the actual MCAT, which you can complete in one month or less. 


Our technique is simple so you won't have to remember too much on test day to succeed on the MCAT verbal.  As long as you become natural at using our technique during the month or two before your official MCAT, you won't have to recall too much as you attack the official MCAT verbal.  You certainly don't want to have a panic attack as you complete the verbal section because your mind is overwhelmed with unnecessarily complex or tedious test-taking strategies offered by many other companies. 

At least for handling the MCAT verbal section, simple is certainly better. 




How confident are we in the Verbal Virtuoso technique?  



We can show you that our verbal technique works - we'll show you a video of actual unedited classroom footage that tests and proves that our system works.  


The video presented below will show you an unedited excerpt from the introductory session of a recent Kabir Academy classroom course (January 14, 2010 - University of Kentucky).  The official AAMC verbal passage completed in this video was randomly selected (drawn from a hat by students in that introductory class).  The instructor reads this randomly selected AAMC verbal passage under timed conditions using the Verbal Virtuoso technique, while his 18 students simultaneously read through the passage using their regular reading abilities. 


With the Verbal Virtuoso technique, he is able to single-handedly point out MORE key points in the passage than the entire classroom of 18 college students combined.  And he typically does this at the start of every new Kabir Academy classroom course he teaches - so it's a learned ability that is consistent. 







Once you carefully read through the Verbal Virtuoso workbook and complete its four full-length verbal exams, you will develop a stronger ability to attack MCAT verbal passages, gaining a more concrete understanding of their essays and clearer insight into answering their questions.   

We believe that no other book can nail the MCAT verbal down to its essence like we have


Order your copy of Verbal Virtuoso with four full-length MCAT verbal exams today!

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Many of these testimonials are posted on the following website -


"I think it is the best way to approach each passage on the MCAT."


"The Verbal strategy is awesome.  I already thought I had a strong grip on verbal comprehension going into the course, but the strategy greatly improved my scores."

"I scored an 11 on the Verbal. This was my 5th time taking the MCAT and finally I did well on the Verbal. I was scoring 8's the past 5 years. It wasn't because of any other company but your book Verbal Virtuoso I will spread the word to my upcoming friends who will take the mcat and provide some business directed toward your way hopefully. Your book saved my chances even when I only spent 2 days on it.  Thanks a lot"


"Your technique has worked amazingly for me! I am a student who had to retake the MCAT multiple times, and each of the previous I had approached the verbal section using the technique used by one of the MCAT prep courses. It just was not clicking with me. Each time my verbal score was the one section that was holding me back. Verbal Virtuoso was straightforward, easy to use, easy to learn, and most importantly extremely effective. This technique allowed me to understand what the author was saying and I felt prepared when I was moving on to answer the questions. I give my highest recommendation to anyone who struggles with the verbal section to try this technique, it's simply unrivaled."

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my MCAT scores back and I got a 35P!  I am really excited- ....  I got ... a 13 on my Verbal!  Yay for your strategy!"


"This verbal strategy is great because it is the first strategy that is actually practical in the MCAT setting, and it works!"


"I am not an expert on different verbal strategies, but I think MCAT Elite's is the best I have seen.  I definitely helped to improve my verbal abilities."


"The verbal technique is easy and very effective.  This technique improved my score by 4 points on the actual MCAT."

"It is the best strategy I have used because it really helped me focus on the main points and stay on task.  It helped me answer the questions quickly and in a timely manner."


"The strategy causes you to take an indepth look at the author's main argument in a passage. It forces you to think intensely about the passage prior to looking at any questions, making the questions easier."


"You must practice, practice, practice. There is no magic with any method; it takes determination despite the struggles you are sure to encounter with some of the passages."


"I think it is a great method to use when preparing for the verbal section. It is a method in which you can truly begin to understand the author's opinion and reasoning behind each passage."


"If you are a speed reader who can truly remove your own bias from the information you read, then you probably do not need a strategy and you may also be a robot.  However, if you are looking to improve your score or if you are looking to increase your test confidence and save some necessary mental clarity and concentration for the science passages, then this method is for you."


"I would recommend this strategy for anyone because it increases speed and provides a systematic approach to the otherwise chaotic, warp speed section of the MCAT."


"I scored a 5 in verbal with the Kaplan method and a 9 in verbal with the MCAT Elite method [aka Verbal Virtuoso]."


"As a student of English Literature, I was impressed with the success in Fayaz's signature verbal method.  To begin, his method helps the reader solve these problems like a scientist, working one step at a time until the whole of the material is exposed.  While this method did not raise my score (I scored 9-10 on every AAMC verbal passage I took, before and after I learned this method) Fayaz's systematic method brought me peace and confidence as I tackled each verbal passage, lowering my test stress levels which allowed me greater concentration and focus on the science passages.  Thus when I reached the biological sciences passages, I was focused enough to score an 11."


"It is the best way to discern from the passage what the questions will then ask you about: the author's main arguments."


"It is the simplest way to improve your verbal score and maintian consistency."


"The verbal strategy was simple and effective, much less convoluted than other strategies I have heard about. I was able to score a 10 in verbal when my previous diagnostics were not above an 8."


"Practice, practice, practice.  Even though each passage is different, the more you do, the easier the strategy becomes."


"It's a great strategy, for certain.  I hadn't thought of going through the passages like that before, but this strategy really helped me to retain the author's main points the first time through the passage."


"I would recommend this strategy to future test-takers because it allows you to move quickly through the passages, while retaining accuracy."


"MCAT elite verbal strategy [aka Verbal Virtuoso] allows you to understand the main points of the passage and helps with the comprehension of the passage, whereas other strategies do not make you focus on anything and their strategies are not effective."


"Practice it as much as possible.  Being familiar with it in the context of many kinds of passages will be great preparation."


"I have benefitted for the verbal strategy; it is so simple and easy to use, but it really works."


"It was an excellent strategy!  It made everything so easy to understand.  I knew exactly what to look for and exactly how to disect the verbal passages."


"Follow the Verbal Virtuoso strategy for great results."


"This strategy is far superior to other techniques.  It is much less time consuming and easier to use.  You will get a greater understanding of the material using this technique."