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Verbal Virtuoso

Verbal Virtuoso is an innovative step-by-step program that will improve your reading comprehension for any standardized reading exam. This book will enhance just about any person’s reading skills by offering a reading technique to locate key points quickly and effectively. This system was originally designed to help students score higher on the reading section of the MCAT® (Medical College Admission Test), one of the most difficult standardized exams administered in the United States. As this workbook has helped many students score higher on the MCAT since 2009, we have decided to offer this version of the workbook to any student and adult who wishes to improve their reading abilities or score higher on any reading exam. If you wish to improve your reading abilities or reading comprehension exam scores, then this workbook will help you.


The Verbal Virtuoso technique provides you with an easy and efficient system to analyze every one of the author‘s arguments presented in any reading passage. By asking yourself two very important questions upon reading each statement in the passage, you will develop a thorough understanding of the author’s views and biases, as these simple questions force you to analyze the author’s purpose in writing each individual sentence. With clear insight into how the author presents his or her argument to the reader and defends these arguments, answering the passage questions correctly will be an easier and clear-cut task. By enhancing your speed to pinpoint these arguments, you will also learn to understand the author’s key points in the passage quicker than other readers who read without any technique.


Furthermore, we provide you with a systematic thinking technique that ensures you read each statement and THINK about the statement’s meaning and purpose within the passage. If you have trouble focusing as you read complex material, this technique may help you maintain focus as long as you keep asking yourself our two questions. We understand it is difficult to read through dense and boring passages, so we do not teach our students to read for enjoyment. Rather, we teach you to systematically analyze every statement, searching for any sign of argument. This investigation of the passage will naturally help you answer the most time-consuming and thought-provoking questions presented on reading exams (i.e. “Which of the following answer choices would most weaken the author’s views presented in the passage?” or “Which of the following choices would the author most likely criticize?”) Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this educational experience!

Testimonials from students who have used our workbook to prepare for their exams

"This strategy is far superior to other techniques. It is much less time consuming and easier to use. You will get a greater understanding of the material using this technique."

"I think it is the best way to approach each passage on the MCAT."

"The Verbal strategy is awesome. I already thought I had a strong grip on verbal comprehension going into the course, but the strategy greatly improved my scores."

"Your technique has worked amazingly for me! I am a student who had to retake the MCAT multiple times, and each of the previous I had approached the verbal section using the technique used by one of the MCAT prep courses. It just was not clicking with me. Each time my verbal score was the one section that was holding me back. Verbal Virtuoso was straightforward, easy to use, easy to learn, and most importantly extremely effective. This technique allowed me to understand what the author was saying and I felt prepared when I was moving on to answer the questions. I give my highest recommendation to anyone who struggles with the verbal section to try this technique, it's simply unrivaled."

"This verbal strategy is great because it is the first strategy that is actually practical in the MCAT setting, and it works!"

"I am not an expert on different verbal strategies, but I think MCAT Elite's is the best I have seen. I definitely helped to improve my verbal abilities."

"The verbal technique is easy and very effective. This technique improved my score by 4 points on the actual MCAT."

"I can say with accuracy that the verbal virtuoso book is good.... I was surprised that it was 176 pages.... Here is my thing. Pure truths to add to your sight. Mr. Kabir has a unique method for learning verbal.... I wasted 1200 taking the princeton review with no improvement in my score. You only 4 tests with Kabir's book. They are set up like the regular tests with 40 questions. I only had the book for 3 weeks but I improved my score taking the AAMC. practice tests. That is remarkable. I read and performed all of Kabir's tests. At least there was some improvement unlike Princeton Kaplan that teach you to skim and map passages that does not work. You have to think and apply meaning. Tanvir Kabir is compassionate and he will try to help. He will encourage you I had some at a MCAT course actually tell me that I was stupid and that I should find another field. That is wrong. I found Mr. Kabir to be warm, friendly and caring."

"It is the best strategy I have used because it really helped me focus on the main points and stay on task. It helped me answer the questions quickly and in a timely manner."

"The strategy causes you to take an indepth look at the author's main argument in a passage. It forces you to think intensely about the passage prior to looking at any questions, making the questions easier."

"You must practice, practice, practice. There is no magic with any method; it takes determination despite the struggles you are sure to encounter with some of the passages."

"I think it is a great method to use when preparing for the verbal section. It is a method in which you can truly begin to understand the author's opinion and reasoning behind each passage."

"If you are a speed reader who can truly remove your own bias from the information you read, then you probably do not need a strategy and you may also be a robot. However, if you are looking to improve your score or if you are looking to increase your test confidence and save some necessary mental clarity and concentration for the science passages, then this method is for you."

"I would recommend this strategy for anyone because it increases speed and provides a systematic approach to the otherwise chaotic, warp speed section of the MCAT."

"I scored a 5 in verbal with the Kaplan method and a 9 in verbal with the MCAT Elite method [aka Verbal Virtuoso]."

"As a student of English Literature, I was impressed with the success in Fayaz's signature verbal method. To begin, his method helps the reader solve these problems like a scientist, working one step at a time until the whole of the material is exposed. While this method did not raise my score (I scored 9-10 on every AAMC verbal passage I took, before and after I learned this method) Fayaz's systematic method brought me peace and confidence as I tackled each verbal passage, lowering my test stress levels which allowed me greater concentration and focus on the science passages. Thus when I reached the biological sciences passages, I was focused enough to score an 11."

"It is the best way to discern from the passage what the questions will then ask you about: the author's main arguments."

"It is the simplest way to improve your verbal score and maintian consistency."

"The verbal strategy was simple and effective, much less convoluted than other strategies I have heard about. I was able to score a 10 in verbal when my previous diagnostics were not above an 8."

"Practice, practice, practice. Even though each passage is different, the more you do, the easier the strategy becomes."

"It's a great strategy, for certain. I hadn't thought of going through the passages like that before, but this strategy really helped me to retain the author's main points the first time through the passage."

"I would recommend this strategy to future test-takers because it allows you to move quickly through the passages, while retaining accuracy."

"MCAT elite verbal strategy [aka Verbal Virtuoso] allows you to understand the main points of the passage and helps with the comprehension of the passage, whereas other strategies do not make you focus on anything and their strategies are not effective."

"Practice it as much as possible. Being familiar with it in the context of many kinds of passages will be great preparation."

"I have benefitted for the verbal strategy; it is so simple and easy to use, but it really works."

"It was an excellent strategy! It made everything so easy to understand. I knew exactly what to look for and exactly how to disect the verbal passages."

"Follow the Verbal Virtuoso strategy for great results."







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